Legacy Planning

Estate & Tax Planning Services

The final step in wealth management is creating a seamless transition for your family and loved ones. West Point Business Group, working with your other professionals such as an estate planning lawyer, will review your will and/or trust; attempting to help preserve your estate for intended heirs by managing estate taxes and probate costs. Additionally, we will coordinate with your financial counsel (attorneys, CPA, trust officers, etc.) to help ensure that all of your assets are connected, accessible, and prepared for a seamless transition when the time comes. Having West Point Business Group gives your loved ones a reliable person to call.

Life Insurance

West Point Business Group can help clients determine their insurance needs. Based on stage of life and other factors, we will recommend what types of insurance would be appropriate for you. Making strategic life insurance choices will help protect you and your family without breaking the bank.

Generational Planning

Your wealth will continue to grow and receive the services of the West Point Business Group as it transitions to the hands of your heirs. We believe in the value of family and the importance of not just leaving money for the next generation, but a legacy of strategic financial management to continue growing what you started. We hope that our team can continue to help educate, protect, and grow your wealth for many generations to come.

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