Business Owner And Executive Solutions

Informal Business Valuation

Your business may be your most important asset. Please contact us about a no cost, informal business valuation of your company using five common methodologies. We can review the details with you and explore ways to maximize and protect this critical asset.  

Exit Planning

We can work with you to develop an effective strategy for transitioning out of your business on your own terms. We can evaluate your situation, present options, and help you with implementing solutions that will meet your needs. 

Buy-Sell Review

If there are two or more owners of your business, you should consider if a buy-sell agreement is needed to protect your business and the people who depend upon it. This is a detailed review of your agreement, prepared at no charge, to help identify any risks and offer suggestions. We can work with your tax and legal advisors to detremine if you are adequately protected.

Business Priorities

We can help review your current benefit offerings and make sure they reflect to goals and priorities of you and your business. We can share with you best practices and what other companies in your situation are doing. 

Wealth Transfer

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy. Estate planning involves taking care of your loved ones. No matter your age, the possibility of an untimely death is always present.  We can help you evaluate your situation and recommend situations to help meet your needs. With periodic reviews of your estate plan, you can rest assured your legacy will be protected for generations to come.  

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